The closest you can get to the Wild
Remember Sebastian the acrobatic chimp and the enormous Bengal tigers the only ones in Africa, back in the animal orphanage? Now imagine a fresh variety of wildlife, in their natural environment viewed from a rooftop level……..Quite Breathtaking! That is Nairobi Safari walk at the moment. A walk transformed, modernized traversing 27 exotic acres into Nairobi National Park from its establishment in 1997.

What To See
Nairobi Safari Walk brings most of Kenya’s Wildlife to you

As you stroll within this secured area, stop to read the informative signs, observe and understand the exhibited and free ranging wildlife species. Look out
For birds, mammals, butterflies, incredible insects and over 150 species of indigenous Kenyan plants. From the boardwalk, gaze into Nairobi National park and leave with the visions and sounds of this special preserve of nature nestled in your heart. Kenya has over 6 ecosystems. At the Nairobi Safari Walk visitors cross over wetlands, traverse the savannah and follow the trail to forested woodlands.

Habitats where rivers, lakes and oceans meet.
Wetlands play an integral role in the water and carbon cycles required for all forms of life as they support incredible numbers of flora and fauna. In Nairobi Safari Walk you will encounter 2 sly crocodiles and pygmy hippos in their natural habitats